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Gram Davies | Psychotherapeutic Counsellor
Counselling & Psychotherapy

I bring acknowledgement, expertise and sincerity to my practice. I am interested in helping people who have difficulty getting through life, or getting along with others, when the reasons for this have been confusing or unclear.

Counselling & psychotherapy are a private conversation, away from everyday assumptions and expectations. If you’re curious about what this might offer you, I’ll say it’s about healing, self-understanding, and personal change. To consider therapy is to realise these things are possible, and they needn’t be searched for alone.

I work to provide a thoughtful and receptive place to discuss whatever is going on for you. Topics can shift and range across scenes throughout your life, or within your inner world of dreams, fantasies and longings. It can be uplifting and involving – at times, even challenging. But as the conversation grows, new possibilities for relating to yourself and others may appear. Being in counselling for a while often helps you to notice, feel and live with all kinds of emotions.

Examples of what brings some people to therapy:

  • Mood and emotional disturbances
  • Stress or grief
  • Problems related to work, illness or society
  • Development and adversity
  • Difficulty in relationships with others
  • Identity questions
  • Doubts about meaning and purpose
  • Choices
  • Repeating life patterns and habits
  • Hope for recovery
My therapy room in Tiverton, Mid Devon, near Exeter

My fee is £45-£65, to be arranged individually.

I usually suggest booking an initial session to give you chance to discuss what brings you to therapy. There will be opportunity to address any of your questions or concerns here as well. We can talk about the practical aspects of how to proceed, such as fees and appointment times. Should either of us feel I’m not the best therapist for you, I could then recommend someone. To help decide whether this type of therapy is right for you, I offer a first session for the lowest price.

My consulting room is located in central Tiverton, Mid Devon, close to the multi-storey and the bus station. It is accessed via two flights of stairs. For those who cannot attend in person, telephone or video appointments are possible.

Psychotherapy is a gradual process, so most people continue once or twice a week for a while. I offer therapy as open-ended, which means you may decide how long it needs to last.

Continuing into Therapy would mean:

  • Your weekly appointment time will be set aside, just for you
  • Appointments will be for 50 mins
  • It’s confidential (there are some legal exceptions we can discuss)
  • I will give you plenty of notice when I take annual leave
  • We can discuss when to end therapy and plan to stop at a suitable time
  • We will review this agreement periodically and address any concerns as they come up

Working with individual adults from many backgrounds

I work with individual adults from many backgrounds, on a wide range of therapeutic issues.

The steady, regular setting of therapy can let us speak in a way that opens old or repetitive patterns to new and alive feeling potential. Whatever you are struggling with personally, counselling & psychotherapy may be of help.

In therapy, who you are individually and where you belong socially both matter, although we can sometimes feel these are in conflict. It is perfectly natural to want to change while also wanting to preserve what you have. I believe that sitting together with these contradictions often reveals subtle hints to their resolution. If you would like to speak in a way that can be sincerely inquisitive about what is going on, this type of therapy may suit you.

I specialise in the ways that lifelong relationships may have prepared us for contemporary life. My approach looks at what happens between people, and how things that are outside our awareness can influence us. So, wherever your experience hasn’t met with recognition, as can happen in contexts like expressing gender, living with disability, being neurodivergent or surviving abuse, I would especially welcome working with you. Therapy can become somewhere the specific, private and personal needn’t always stay silent.

My Credentials:

  • UKAHPP Higher Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor*
  • PNCPS Professional Accredited**
  • BA (hons) Integrative Counselling
  • Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling
  • Enhanced Disclosure Barring
  • Further professional development to work with complex trauma (CPTSD), domestic abuse, attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, younger adults and through the psychoanalytic approach.

* UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners

** National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society

Key Interests:

Mood, Depression & Anxiety | Complex Grief | Gender & Sexuality | Personality Traits | Relationship Difficulties

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