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Gram Davies | Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

I work with individual adults from many backgrounds, on a wide range of therapeutic issues. I am interested in helping people who have long felt difficulty in getting by or along with others, even when the reasons for this feel confusing or unclear. The steady, regular setting of therapy can let us speak in a way that opens old or repetitive patterns to new and alive feeling potential. Whatever you are struggling with personally, counselling & psychotherapy may be of help.

Examples of what brings some people to therapy:

  • Mood and emotional disturbances
  • Stress or grief
  • Problems related to work, illness or society
  • Development and adversity
  • Difficulty in relationships with others
  • Identity questions
  • Doubts about meaning and purpose
  • Choices
  • Repeating life patterns and habits
  • Hope for recovery

In counselling, who you are individually and how you belong socially both matter, although we can sometimes feel these are in conflict. It is perfectly natural to want to change while also wanting to preserve what you have. I believe that sitting together with these contradictions for a time often reveals subtle hints to their resolution. If you would like to speak in a way that can be sincerely inquisitive about what is really going on, this type of therapy may suit you.

I specialise the ways that lifelong relationships may have prepared us for contemporary life. My approach looks at what happens between people, and how things that are outside our awareness can influence this. Wherever your experience has not met with recognition, as can happen in contexts like expressing gender, living with disability, being neurodivergent or surviving abuse, I would especially welcome working with you. Therapy can become somewhere the specific, private and personal needn’t always stay silent.

Key Interests:

Mood, Depression & Anxiety | Complex Grief | Gender & Sexuality | Personality Traits | Relationship Difficulties

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