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Booking is quite straightforward. To show interest in a first session to discuss what brings you to therapy, just send me an email or leave a message (details above). I’ll offer you some potential time slots.

Non-Cancellation Policy

Initial Sessions

I ask you to pay a deposit toward fees when you book a first session with me. This secures your session time as yours, and I cannot normally change or refund it.

You could broadly compare this to booking a coach or theatre ticket.

Regular Sessions

While you are in therapy, the weekly fee needs to be paid continuously. You could think of it as being like a subscription.

While you are not obliged to make use of every available session, the fee still applies for as long as you wish me to keep your regular slot open for you.

The exception to this is where I am not able to offer your regular session. I take annual leave (around 6 weeks each year) and bank holidays off. Illness or emergency might prevent me offering the usual service. In such cases, there is no charge for that week.

My practice tends to be full, so rescheduling is not always possible. The expectation is that our regular time remains yours. With one week’s notice, I am willing to look at whether another time is available for you in the same week, but I cannot guarantee one will be.

Why This Policy?

It is a kind of promise. Counselling & psychotherapy depend on a consistent relationship. I am committing the same time each week to you alone. No one else can use your time slot. I cannot use it to earn money any other way, so I ask for payment for that time.