Therapist Available in Exeter and Tiverton and Online

Who I am

My website address is:

I am a sole trader offering personal counselling services face-to- face and remotely via telephone or video call, or by email, within the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

I use a contact form to allow you to get in touch, make enquiries and book initial consultations on this site. The information you provide via this means will be used solely for the purpose of setting up correspondence between us. Where you indicate a wish for contact by phone or email, I will transfer your contact details to the email or telephone service I use for work (see below). Messages are stored and processed on site for this reason only. I will never sell data to a third party and your information is treated as strictly confidential.

Should you choose to contact me, by phone or email, I will usually have access to the contact details you use that way, and any others you provide in the message, which I will use to reply to you.

I use a secure email service through the third-party provider, who store correspondence on their own servers in an encrypted form. I use a highly secure password and never download messages to any of my devices.

When communicating by telephone, I will normally use a work handset, which I keep locked and encrypted. Phone companies, whose services we use to communicate by phone, keep their own records according to their own privacy policies.

If we decide to begin working in a therapeutic alliance, we will complete a counselling agreement to protect your privacy during the work, before we begin.


This site used third-party cookies. Please see my cookie policy for further info.

Who we share your data with

In the first instance, though use of this site, no data ever will be shared unless demanded to by law.

Correspondence beyond this site will be by secure use of services providing telephone and email, where the companies providing these have their own privacy policies.

How long we retain your data

Contact form data will be deleted when no longer required for the purposes outline here, and no later than six months where possible. Cookie data is either automatically deleted on closure or according to policy of the third-party provider (e.g., which blocks cookies according to your consent preferences).

Your contact information

If you need to get in touch regarding a data issue, please see my contact details here.