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Gram Davies | Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

You can come to therapy knowing you want something to change but without a clear sense of in what way. Maybe you only know you don’t want to keep living through certain things. But, as yet, that future has no new shape.

During our time together, we can begin to talk about life so far, and sometimes this can mean choosing to express your side of events when that has not been possible before.

In relationships with family, friends, colleagues or partners, what has happened on the outside my not always reflect what it meant to you personally. In therapy, there is this chance to bring hidden experiences into the story that has usually been told. By doing this, the story may change, but not so anything is lost – rather, in a way that enriches it and makes it more your own.

Something about having regular sessions, which feel consistent and that you can rely on being there, often helps these truths to enter your lived world of experience, so it can become a place where greater possibilities exist.

With this sense of new opportunity, you can start finding ways to relate to people and situations that are freer of old, repeating patterns. With more creativity available, the past may seem fresher and your future more like it belongs to you.

When the time comes, therapy may conclude, or move into new areas you hope to work on. Whether or not you choose to keep making use of it, you may no longer need my help, (though wanting it is still possible).

Key Interests:

Mood, Depression & Anxiety | Complex Grief | Gender & Sexuality | Personality Traits | Relationship Difficulties

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